How to get an accurate 1/4" Seam

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This is so important. If your seams aren't accurate then the size of your blocks won't be either.


If your blocks aren't the right size then they may not fit on the next block or piece correctly.

So your wondering how to get that perfect quarter inch seam consistently. Actually it's not that hard to achieve.


Since every machine is different you will need to check each machine that you use.


Also the needle size can make a difference as well so if you change needles make sure to check your 1/4 inch again.


Using a ruler that shows the 1/4" line, place the top edge of the ruler in front of the needle as shown in the image below.



As you can see the right edge of my foot is right on the 1/4 line so I know as long as the edge of my piece is lined up with the right edge of my presser foot (see the image below)  I will have a accurate 1/4" seam.


Even after doing this you want to test it by sewing and measuring that seam to make sure your getting an accurate 1/4" seam.


Make sure that you check all along the seam as well. There can be a tendency to let the piece drift at the end and this will cause a wonky block.


Once you locate YOUR precise 1/4". Place a piece of masking tape on your machine as pictured below so you will always have accurate 1/4" seams.



I find that the rail fence block is great for learning to be accurate in your seams. Lots of practice for getting it down pat.


You will learn where you need to be on your machine and with practice you will be able to gauge by eye if your seams are good. 


Once you are making your seams consistent and accurate you will see that your blocks are coming out straighter and the size that they are supposed to be.


Remember that old adage that "practice makes perfect". It's so true for quilting.


We may never always be perfect but with enough patience and practice you can become more accurate in your piecing.


I hope this helped. If you have any comments or suggestions to add to this please do so! I want to encourage the new quilters so they will learn, grow and enjoy quilting as much as we all do!!


If there are any topics you would like to have discussed or a video done on please leave a comment or email it to

Until next time....... Happy Quilting!!


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